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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sale into Summer with Style!

Change your look, not your sole! Save on ALL Lindsay Phillips Switchflops from May 26th - May 31st.

Buy two straps, get one FREE!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If Charlotte Were a Store . . .

What television character best describes your personality? People often compare me to Charlotte from Sex in The City. At first glance they think of me as traditional and appreciating the finer things in life (and they are right!). But as people get to know me better, they know I also have a penchant to say unexpected things and color outside the lines of life, much like Charlotte.

That's what you'll find about The Dandelion Patch. At first, people assume we are a traditional stationery store - a place you go when you want to order your beautiful wedding invitations and birth announcements, which of course, we are. But, step inside and you will find that we are much more - a haven of the quirky and unexpected, the beautiful and the funny, the whimsical and the classic. Special gifts for every milestone moment in life but also fun gifts "just because." From our Lindsay Phillips flip-flops with their changeable snaps to our Vera Bradley line of purses and bags, from our engravable Mariposa platters to our Trollbeads bracelets and much, much more, there is personality jumping off the shelves everywhere you look.

Yes, The Dandelion Patch and I together will claim our "Charlotte-ness." And who is Charlotte without her girlfriends? In addition to you, our Dandelion Patch customers, I also love my fantastically fabulous girlfriends at Success in the City. This organization is a great network for executive women and they are holding a Bloomies In the City After Party, after a screening of the new Sex In The City 2 movie on May 28th, where they will raffle several baskets including a Charlotte basket from The Dandelion Patch. Come out for a great night with the girls, get pampered by Bloomies, and meet a great bunch of women. Who knows, you may even get to take home Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie, Samantha or Mr. Big (in a basket)!

I'll be the one in pearls!

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Heidi's Picks for May 25th

Not too hot, not too cold! 'Tis the perfect season to do a little outdoor entertaining. This week my picks are centered around hosting that wonderful, casual party for good friends.

I love nothing better than serving up a great party with a fabulous theme. These bright blue glass platters make fantastic serving pieces and an even better conversation starter. Throw on some of the season's best steamed crabs, add a dash of Old Bay, several husks of fresh corn on the cob, a bucket of cold beer ad you have an instant party (Eastern shore not included)! Don't forget the bibs and wet wipes!

Too "crabby" to get the party started? Try adding some inexpensive comedy! These witty cocktail napkins are guaranteed to turn up the laughter track on any gathering. From hilarious quotes like "Without family, alcohol wouldn't be necessary," and "I don't repeat gossip, so listen carefully," your guests will remember your funny quips all the way home - or at least to the bathroom.

And just in case you weren't born with a Ph.D in party-planning, Anna Post and her sister Lizzie Post (yes, great-granddaughters of the Manners Maven herself, Emily Post) just released their new Great Get-Togethers book that is a "bible" for anyone who entertains. From what foods to serve (and not to serve) at which parties, how to be a guest at your own party and a whole host of etiquette questions and answers - this book is a must-read for any modern woman. Ever asked yourself if you have to pour the wine that is brought as a hostess gift? Have you found yourself perplexed on how to politely get lingering guests out the door? Well then, this book has your answers! (You didn't think I was going to tell you, did you?)

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Leaping Lilly! Perfect Grad Gifts and More!

We have a number of wonderful Lilly Pulitzer gift items on sale for $20 or less!

Check out our selection of party supplies, home office accessories, note cards, journals, photo books, gifts for kids, gifts for grads and so much more!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heidi's Picks for May 11th!

As I walked into the store yesterday, I instantly knew that it was almost summer because two of our favorite college girls were back at "the Patch" in action! I told them about my quest for the best gift ideas for grads. Not surprisingly, they immediately started listing off their favorite Vera Bradley choices for the graduation season.

In the "under $25 category (and yest, that is dollars AND age!) the unanimous favorite is a spiral notebook and a zip ID. We honestly sell so many of these zip IDs that I am convinced that every teenager in the area has at least two from my store! These colorful pouches hold a photo ID, some case, and a dorm key. Add to that the spiral notebook with inside pockets and you have the gift set for the grad set! Printed in all the latest patterns, you will be sure to find a combination that fits every personality.

And for that "extra special" grad gift, the girls loved the small duffle and matching garment bag. Add a monogram for a personal touch and say goodbye to mainstream mountains of "plain black luggage." Show here in "Make Me Blush," these travel pieces will make the leap from home to dorm in a single bound.

Finally, since every dorm room is in need of some fresh decor, these ribbon boards are the perfect answer for holding photos, concert tickets and postcards from traveling friends. Big enough to hold your "wall of memories," yet light enough to hold with a 3M command strip that is RA approved! I said, "Now that's a good idea," (think Martha Stewart) and they said, "that's hot", (think Paris Hilton). I think we both mean the same thing?

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Gearing Up for Great Get-Togethers

After our snowpocalyptic Winter and off / on start to Spring, the weather has finally up and that means people will soon feel like entertaining again! You can get ready for the season by joining us for a special luncheon on May 20th from 11:30 - 1:30 at the Ritz-Carlton Tyson's Corner, Entyce Restaurant.

Discover your personal party style with Anna Post, great-granddaughter of etiquette expert Emily Post. The $95 ticket includes an autographed book of the newly released Great Get-Togethers, by Anna Post. Proceeds benefit Childhelp of Virginia. Bring your girlfriends and join us for this once-in-a-lifetime luncheon. Register today!

In the meantime, celebrate National Etiquette Week (really!) by brushing up on sage advice by Emily, Peggy and Anna Post with these great books at The Dandelion Patch. Titles range from the simply titled Emily Post's Etiquette to The Etiquette Advantage in Business, Wedding Etiquette, and Emily Post's The Guide to Good Manners for Kids and many more.

Good etiquette never goes out of style, and later generations of the Post family have updated Emily's wisdom with some modern day dilemmas including whether an emailed thank-you is acceptable for a gift and "techno-manners" for the entire family.

Even if you don't need the books for yourself, they make terrific gifts for soon-to-be graduates who are getting ready to leave the nest and may need a few gentle reminders once Mom is no longer nearby. Who knows, you might even receive a thank you note for such a gracious gift!

Enjoy the Spring weather, and remember to mind your "p's" and "q's!"

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Not Just for Mothers

While this Sunday is set aside to recognize mothers, it is also a good time to recognize other women in your life - those who have had a positive, motherly influence on you. All too often, we forget to pause and say thanks to the many people who have shaped and influenced us. Why not use this weekend to take a moment and reflect on the special women who have made a difference to you?

They could include the neighbor who always has a kind word (and a spare key when you accidently lock yourself out of your house!); the teacher who always knew just when you needed a little extra attention; the girlfriend who seems to call at just the right moment with the perfect funny story to brighten your day or that surrogate grandmother who has filled the gap left by grandparents who live so far away.

Bring that woman a momet of unexpected joy by letting her know you've been thinking about her with a little something just for her. Our new Trollbeads are a sure hit as every bead has a story and every story has a bead. And if jewelry isn't exactly right (Are you sure? I don't know of any woman who doesn't love this uber-hip version of the charm bracelet!), try a scented candle from Trapp, a beautiful bag from Vera Bradley, or some preppy notes from Lilly Pulitzer.

You never need a holiday to extend a gracious gesture, but sometimes it's just the reminder we all need.

Happy Mother's Day from the Dandelion Patch!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trollbeads Trunk Show - May 7th - May 9th!

Join us on May 7th - May 9th for our Trollbeads Trunk Show!

Troll beads are perfect gifts for moms, grads, someone special or you! They are unique artisan designed beads that represent many facets of life. Each Trollbead has a story unto itself. By arranging your favorite Trollbeads into a bracelet or necklace, you can tell a story that will grow with each new bead you add. The piece of jewelry you create will be a personal narrative of your accomplishments, experiences and passions.

Join us this weekend (May 7th - May 9th) at both the Reston and Vienna stores for this unique event! Enjoy these special offers from The Dandelion Patch:
  • Receive a FREE bracelet with the purchase of a decorative clasp
  • Buy 4 beads and get the 5th FREE
  • Receive $25 off a Fantasy Pendant with the purchase of a Fantasy Necklace

The Trollbeads trunk show starts on May 7th! We hope to see you there!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heidi's Picks for May 4th!

From the horses mouth, "No apples please!"

As the school year winds down, we as mothers begin to think of that end-of-school teacher gift. And given that I have two kids and have been buying these gifts for many years, I must admit my creative gift juices were getting depleted. So, I called in the experts! With two teachers, we chatted about some of their favorite choices for teacher gifts.

First up, beautiful Tea Forte infusers. At the end of a crazy day, these women like nothing better than to relax with a warm and calming cup of tea. With sampler sets that vary from Sanctuary, Escape, Green, Herbal and Exotics, certainly you can find a gift that best represents your message of gratitude. (Remember, these professionals are with 15-32 kids ALL DAY LONG!). These women love the darling pyramid-shaped pacakaging and raved about the wonderful world of tea. One thing I know: relaxed teacher = relaxed student. Sounds like a winner to me!

Oh, these round notepads are great for all the notes that teachers send home to us (not all notes are bad!). But my "focus group" of teachers LOVED the flower pen that comes in this duo. The best part they say? Nobody can "borrow" your pen without returning it! As we walked through the store, the ladies even put their "pen" behind their ear. But this time, the fabulous flower made a fashion statement for all to see. Functional? Check! Fun? You bet! A favorite? Of course! With many colors and patterns to choose from, these note blocks are sure to be a hit with kids and teachers alike.

And finally, as if they had won the tri-fecta, the women found the canvas totes from Two Loops.
Over their swooning, I heard comments about "finding the perfect go-anywhere bag," and "wouldn't this be darling if it were monogrammed?" When I told them that these bags wer part of the United Nation's World Food Programme as a fundraising partner, they went crazy. (Ok, not "wacko-crazy," but "impressed crazy!"). Each of them left carrying a colorful tote, calming tea, nifty notepads and fantastic flower pens as my small token of thanks and looked like a commercial-worthy parade as they strode down the street.

Someone once told me that teachers are God's gift to our future. My final analysis: don't replicate the mistakes that so many parents make (according to my "volunteer teachers") and show up with an apple or anything that says "teacher." Instead, choose tea, totes or notes and you'll be sure to be remembered as an A+ mom!