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Friday, May 7, 2010

Not Just for Mothers

While this Sunday is set aside to recognize mothers, it is also a good time to recognize other women in your life - those who have had a positive, motherly influence on you. All too often, we forget to pause and say thanks to the many people who have shaped and influenced us. Why not use this weekend to take a moment and reflect on the special women who have made a difference to you?

They could include the neighbor who always has a kind word (and a spare key when you accidently lock yourself out of your house!); the teacher who always knew just when you needed a little extra attention; the girlfriend who seems to call at just the right moment with the perfect funny story to brighten your day or that surrogate grandmother who has filled the gap left by grandparents who live so far away.

Bring that woman a momet of unexpected joy by letting her know you've been thinking about her with a little something just for her. Our new Trollbeads are a sure hit as every bead has a story and every story has a bead. And if jewelry isn't exactly right (Are you sure? I don't know of any woman who doesn't love this uber-hip version of the charm bracelet!), try a scented candle from Trapp, a beautiful bag from Vera Bradley, or some preppy notes from Lilly Pulitzer.

You never need a holiday to extend a gracious gesture, but sometimes it's just the reminder we all need.

Happy Mother's Day from the Dandelion Patch!

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