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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heidi's Picks for May 4th!

From the horses mouth, "No apples please!"

As the school year winds down, we as mothers begin to think of that end-of-school teacher gift. And given that I have two kids and have been buying these gifts for many years, I must admit my creative gift juices were getting depleted. So, I called in the experts! With two teachers, we chatted about some of their favorite choices for teacher gifts.

First up, beautiful Tea Forte infusers. At the end of a crazy day, these women like nothing better than to relax with a warm and calming cup of tea. With sampler sets that vary from Sanctuary, Escape, Green, Herbal and Exotics, certainly you can find a gift that best represents your message of gratitude. (Remember, these professionals are with 15-32 kids ALL DAY LONG!). These women love the darling pyramid-shaped pacakaging and raved about the wonderful world of tea. One thing I know: relaxed teacher = relaxed student. Sounds like a winner to me!

Oh, these round notepads are great for all the notes that teachers send home to us (not all notes are bad!). But my "focus group" of teachers LOVED the flower pen that comes in this duo. The best part they say? Nobody can "borrow" your pen without returning it! As we walked through the store, the ladies even put their "pen" behind their ear. But this time, the fabulous flower made a fashion statement for all to see. Functional? Check! Fun? You bet! A favorite? Of course! With many colors and patterns to choose from, these note blocks are sure to be a hit with kids and teachers alike.

And finally, as if they had won the tri-fecta, the women found the canvas totes from Two Loops.
Over their swooning, I heard comments about "finding the perfect go-anywhere bag," and "wouldn't this be darling if it were monogrammed?" When I told them that these bags wer part of the United Nation's World Food Programme as a fundraising partner, they went crazy. (Ok, not "wacko-crazy," but "impressed crazy!"). Each of them left carrying a colorful tote, calming tea, nifty notepads and fantastic flower pens as my small token of thanks and looked like a commercial-worthy parade as they strode down the street.

Someone once told me that teachers are God's gift to our future. My final analysis: don't replicate the mistakes that so many parents make (according to my "volunteer teachers") and show up with an apple or anything that says "teacher." Instead, choose tea, totes or notes and you'll be sure to be remembered as an A+ mom!


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