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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heidi's Picks for Easter!

In the spirit of the season, this week I will share a few ideas for some great Easter basket items for the kids! Enjoy!

A Sweet Treat

If you gotta have chocolate in the mix, why not have the best? This season Godiva has introduced the cutest collection of edible yummys. From bunnies to carrot sticks, to eggs and flowers - Godiva has you covered. And while you are at it, maybe you should pick up a few goodies for yourself!

For all you "chicks" out there you simply must add one of these chirpy pets to your Easter Sunday. These furry friends come in three pastel colors and are much easier to care for than their "live" counterparts! We've all heard about the cartoon that involves peep, chirp and quack. Is it bad that I am thankful that Mary Meyer only came out with chirp?
Some jewels for the princess?
Honestly, one of our best sellers this season are these glass-beaded stretch bracelets. They are so stinkin' cute that we can't keep them around for long! There are the perfect addition to any girls' jewelry box and match with all the springtime dresses. The best part? The really ARE one-size-fits-all! Now that's a nice change of pace!

So, let's talk turkey for a minute. When you are trying to keep the house tidy, plan for vacation and write a grocery list (all at the same time!), sometimes the kids need to be "occupied." For me, those moments of quiet are bliss. And with that in mind, anything that is educational AND keeps my kids from killing each other is worth its' weight in gold. Enter Webkinz. These stuffed adoptable pets are not only a super cute friend, but they each unlock a special code on the Webkinz secure website full of games and activities! So, this Easter add Cotton Candy Bunny to your basket and prepare to hear . . . nothing! Ain't that grand?

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heidi's Picks for the week of March 22nd!

You can see my weekly picks at I Am Modern Magazine! I Am Modern is an award-winning, hyperlocal, reader-generated lifestyle magazine for modern moms. My picks this week are in keeping with the theme of spring, and spring break! I hope you enjoy them!

Get Organized for Spring Break!

As school closes for annual spring break, many of us (including me!) head south to the beaches. In the craziness of packing JUST ONE MORE THING in my suitcase, I am thankful that my favorite Scout bags fold nicely and take such little space. The new patterns are simply irresistible, and the functionality is impressive! From wet towels to crumpled Girl Scout cookies, these bags take a beating and wipe clean. Pick yourself up a Deano in Cabanarama and off you go!

Time to show some naked toes!

The latest from the Lindsay Phillips line is the introduction of Jodi - the slim flip flop in 6 vibrant spring colors. Their unique interchangeable attachments allow you to change your style without challenging your budget! These shoes are a must have for spring break travel. One pair with an array of colorful attachments will last a week at the beach! Just remember to paint those tootsies !
And Don't Forget the Kiddos!

Now that you've packed and painted your toes, you need to remember to take along something for the kids. Try pick up Cronicle's newest book, 52 Fun Things to Do at the Beach and play "Beach Family Robinson," "Hi-Tide," or "Wacky Tracks." The book is full of crafts, games and things to do for the family and friends. My kid's favorites are sculpting sand portraits and creating sand dough. I promise this will be the best $7 you've spent yet!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heidi's Picks of the Week - March 15th

You can see my weekly gift picks on I Am Modern Magazine. I Am Modern is an award-winning, hyper-local, reader-generated lifestyle magazine for modern moms. I hope you enjoy my picks for this week!

For me:

As I flip through the latest fashion magazines, I notice that ruffles are everywhere this spring! In keeping with the up-to-the-minute trends, Vera Bradley has come out with the Cha-Cha handbag. This darling handbag has personality plus - from its' shiny strap and its' rows of ruffles - this bag instantly puts a smile on anyone's face. Purchase the Cha-Cha in any of the new colors, but my fave is Totally Turq! Just add water for a fabulous spring break!

For the kids:

Ok, I must admit that I usually don't give into my kids' desire for impractical collections. We have plenty of "stuff" around our house and don't need another pile of yesterday's "must-haves." However these rubber bands are anything but boring. From dinosaurs to alphabets, these bands are fun, cheap and a practical collection for the kiddos. In my lifetime, I never would have thought that rubber bands would be a "collectable" or much less a jewelry item worn on the wrist, but apparently kids have a creative mind all their own. And for now, these HOT items don't seem to have any desire to go on ice.

For my gals:

As the calendar turns to somewhat warmer weather in the daytime, the mornings and evenings are still crisp. Thus, this is the time of year for layers. And frankly, I own twin sets in just about every color and style - and, I am bored with them! Luckily, Top It Off must have been reading my mind because they just came out with the perfect answer for spring. I love these cotton wraps! They come in a beautiful spring color palette are are the perfect (and trendy!) substitute for the cardigan. If you are looking for something green to wear for St. Patty's Day, try one of these wraps on for size!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

View My Gift Picks Every Week on I Am Modern Magazine!

I am very pleased to announce that I will be making weekly gift suggestions for I Am Modern Magazine. I Am Modern Magazine is an award winning, hyperlocal, reader-generated lifestyle magazine for modern moms. Here are my picks for this week - For baby, for girlfriends, for me!

For baby:

When my kids were infants, they both found a "lovie" that they couldn't sleep without. For my daughter, she had her Raggady Ann. And for my son, he couldn't sleep without his "buddy blanket." In fact, little did they know that they each had multiples of their lovies for those "washing moments." So, if comes as no surprise that one of my favorite gifts to give a newborn is any soft, cuddly buddy blanket. Chose from frogs, bears, ducks or bunnies to make a wonderful partner or security blanket for the baby. You know what they say . . . a sleeping baby is a happy baby (or is that a happy mom?)!

For my girlfriends:
Ok, so I am a "woman of a certain age" and my friends are also turning into the same. And for every BIG birthday party, my gift decision is made easy! These baubles are made by hand in San Antonio, Texas (my hometown), and are trendy enough to impress a gaggle of girls, but are affordable enough to own multiple pieces. Have we found anyone yet who can resist these Susan Shaw jewels from Texas? We sure haven't! In fact, we have to call "dibs" on who is wearing which pieces each day at the store! Seriously!

For me:

I am a mother, business owner and volunteer, and at the end of a crazy day there is nothing better than a bubble bath, a glass of wine and a Trapp candle in my favorite scent - Jasmine-Gardenia. Maybe it is because I am envisioning spring instead of snow? If florals aren't your cup of tea, try our best-selling orange-vanilla, or the clean scent of water. Regardless of the aroma, these darling "houses" of fragrance make a perfect gift to yourself.
Look for my picks each week in I Am Modern Magazine. And remember, at The Dandelion Patch, you make a wish, and we'll help it come true!

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