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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If Charlotte Were a Store . . .

What television character best describes your personality? People often compare me to Charlotte from Sex in The City. At first glance they think of me as traditional and appreciating the finer things in life (and they are right!). But as people get to know me better, they know I also have a penchant to say unexpected things and color outside the lines of life, much like Charlotte.

That's what you'll find about The Dandelion Patch. At first, people assume we are a traditional stationery store - a place you go when you want to order your beautiful wedding invitations and birth announcements, which of course, we are. But, step inside and you will find that we are much more - a haven of the quirky and unexpected, the beautiful and the funny, the whimsical and the classic. Special gifts for every milestone moment in life but also fun gifts "just because." From our Lindsay Phillips flip-flops with their changeable snaps to our Vera Bradley line of purses and bags, from our engravable Mariposa platters to our Trollbeads bracelets and much, much more, there is personality jumping off the shelves everywhere you look.

Yes, The Dandelion Patch and I together will claim our "Charlotte-ness." And who is Charlotte without her girlfriends? In addition to you, our Dandelion Patch customers, I also love my fantastically fabulous girlfriends at Success in the City. This organization is a great network for executive women and they are holding a Bloomies In the City After Party, after a screening of the new Sex In The City 2 movie on May 28th, where they will raffle several baskets including a Charlotte basket from The Dandelion Patch. Come out for a great night with the girls, get pampered by Bloomies, and meet a great bunch of women. Who knows, you may even get to take home Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie, Samantha or Mr. Big (in a basket)!

I'll be the one in pearls!

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