The Dandelion Patch

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Add a little "happeez" to your life!

Just last year, the perfect gift was born! Frustrated due to the fact that all notepads and decorative items for the refrigerator were backed with magnetic strips (which don't work for households with stainless steel, glass or wood paneled refrigerators), Sue Russell used her creative juices and some innovation to create Happeez.

These mighty little clips and gadgets grip to stainless steel and other slick surfaces such as glass, mirror, aluminum, plastic or vinyl-- no joke! And if that's not enough-- unlike a magnet, Happeez® products protect surfaces from scratching and marring, and will not leave a residue.

So, we've begun a sample gift list.... it goes something like this:

Busy family? No problem-- try a message board!

New home? No problem-- an adorable note pad, great for honey-do lists.

New baby? Not a problem... try a photo frame that sticks anywhere!

Ohhh, so it's triplets? Got you covered! :-)

Don't forget the most important gift-- the one for you!