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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heidi's Picks for May 11th!

As I walked into the store yesterday, I instantly knew that it was almost summer because two of our favorite college girls were back at "the Patch" in action! I told them about my quest for the best gift ideas for grads. Not surprisingly, they immediately started listing off their favorite Vera Bradley choices for the graduation season.

In the "under $25 category (and yest, that is dollars AND age!) the unanimous favorite is a spiral notebook and a zip ID. We honestly sell so many of these zip IDs that I am convinced that every teenager in the area has at least two from my store! These colorful pouches hold a photo ID, some case, and a dorm key. Add to that the spiral notebook with inside pockets and you have the gift set for the grad set! Printed in all the latest patterns, you will be sure to find a combination that fits every personality.

And for that "extra special" grad gift, the girls loved the small duffle and matching garment bag. Add a monogram for a personal touch and say goodbye to mainstream mountains of "plain black luggage." Show here in "Make Me Blush," these travel pieces will make the leap from home to dorm in a single bound.

Finally, since every dorm room is in need of some fresh decor, these ribbon boards are the perfect answer for holding photos, concert tickets and postcards from traveling friends. Big enough to hold your "wall of memories," yet light enough to hold with a 3M command strip that is RA approved! I said, "Now that's a good idea," (think Martha Stewart) and they said, "that's hot", (think Paris Hilton). I think we both mean the same thing?

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