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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heidi's Picks for Easter!

In the spirit of the season, this week I will share a few ideas for some great Easter basket items for the kids! Enjoy!

A Sweet Treat

If you gotta have chocolate in the mix, why not have the best? This season Godiva has introduced the cutest collection of edible yummys. From bunnies to carrot sticks, to eggs and flowers - Godiva has you covered. And while you are at it, maybe you should pick up a few goodies for yourself!

For all you "chicks" out there you simply must add one of these chirpy pets to your Easter Sunday. These furry friends come in three pastel colors and are much easier to care for than their "live" counterparts! We've all heard about the cartoon that involves peep, chirp and quack. Is it bad that I am thankful that Mary Meyer only came out with chirp?
Some jewels for the princess?
Honestly, one of our best sellers this season are these glass-beaded stretch bracelets. They are so stinkin' cute that we can't keep them around for long! There are the perfect addition to any girls' jewelry box and match with all the springtime dresses. The best part? The really ARE one-size-fits-all! Now that's a nice change of pace!

So, let's talk turkey for a minute. When you are trying to keep the house tidy, plan for vacation and write a grocery list (all at the same time!), sometimes the kids need to be "occupied." For me, those moments of quiet are bliss. And with that in mind, anything that is educational AND keeps my kids from killing each other is worth its' weight in gold. Enter Webkinz. These stuffed adoptable pets are not only a super cute friend, but they each unlock a special code on the Webkinz secure website full of games and activities! So, this Easter add Cotton Candy Bunny to your basket and prepare to hear . . . nothing! Ain't that grand?

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