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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heidi's Picks for the week of March 22nd!

You can see my weekly picks at I Am Modern Magazine! I Am Modern is an award-winning, hyperlocal, reader-generated lifestyle magazine for modern moms. My picks this week are in keeping with the theme of spring, and spring break! I hope you enjoy them!

Get Organized for Spring Break!

As school closes for annual spring break, many of us (including me!) head south to the beaches. In the craziness of packing JUST ONE MORE THING in my suitcase, I am thankful that my favorite Scout bags fold nicely and take such little space. The new patterns are simply irresistible, and the functionality is impressive! From wet towels to crumpled Girl Scout cookies, these bags take a beating and wipe clean. Pick yourself up a Deano in Cabanarama and off you go!

Time to show some naked toes!

The latest from the Lindsay Phillips line is the introduction of Jodi - the slim flip flop in 6 vibrant spring colors. Their unique interchangeable attachments allow you to change your style without challenging your budget! These shoes are a must have for spring break travel. One pair with an array of colorful attachments will last a week at the beach! Just remember to paint those tootsies !
And Don't Forget the Kiddos!

Now that you've packed and painted your toes, you need to remember to take along something for the kids. Try pick up Cronicle's newest book, 52 Fun Things to Do at the Beach and play "Beach Family Robinson," "Hi-Tide," or "Wacky Tracks." The book is full of crafts, games and things to do for the family and friends. My kid's favorites are sculpting sand portraits and creating sand dough. I promise this will be the best $7 you've spent yet!


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