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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heidi's Pick's for this Hot Summer Week

My first pick this week is for me!

Ok, so when it's 105 degrees outside and everyone is shopping inside and NOT coming to our Reston location due to the heat, what was I to do? I started trying on Vera Bradley sunglasses! I confess, until this weekend, I hadn't committed to patterned eyeware. But - OMG! They are so super cute. WIth fashionable frames and just a wee bit of pattern showing in all the right spots, I feel like a fool for not caving earlier in the summer. My favorite is this updated gals version of the aviator. The small wire frame fits my face and allows the totally turq to match my blue eyes. And when I learned that the name was "Heidi," I decided that someone was trying to tell me something. Go on, try a pair on for yourself! Maybe your name is written on them too!

For the little one in the tub:

My daughter is certainly not old enough to shave yet, but sometimes I catch her pretending to shave those small, but hairy legs of hers. Until I found this toy from Alex, I was wondering when I would catch her using the "real thing" out of boredom. But now, she has a razor, a bottle of shaving cream and an hour-long bath! Lucky me (or smart me!)! Trust me, this shaving kit is good clean fun for girls and boys. And it provides a much needed break for any mom who's had a long day!

For the Martha / Julia in your life:

Another winner of a gift that I found during the dog days of summer was this spinner full of pewter measuring spoons. I couldn't help myself. There are designs ranging from butterflies to frogs, from angels to kites. One was cuter than the next. By the end of the night, I had a small collection of measuring spoons and had spent a small fortune of time (not money, thankfully) choosing a different pattern for all of my gal pals. I have decided for the rest of this year, I will give a set of spoons along with some yummy cookies as my signature "hostess" gift. Now, if only I could buy those cookies too! :-)

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