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Monday, June 21, 2010

Heidi's Picks for June 21st

For some reason, the warm weather always makes me want to redecorate and entertain. And since the markets aren't yet back to their wonderfully golden level, my husband suggests that this is not the year for me to purchase an entire new family room of furniture.

However, these gorgeous AB frames are just the ticket to keep me smiling for another few months. With a variety of colors and sizes, the combination of bling and the bow are the perfect pick-me-up when a photo of your loved one is inserted. To be sure that I am not ALWAYS thinking about me(!), I have purchased these fab frames as gifts for a bride, a new mom and a golden anniversary. But you know how the story goes . . . one for you, one for me (or two for me?) . . .

So, you're planning a party but your guests aren't chummy (yet). How do you turn up the heat and turn "ho-hum" to "happening?" I suggest you bring along a cube of Table Topics Not Your Mother's Dinner Party. With questions ranging from "Would you rather be addicted to gambling or food?" and "If you had to obtain $1,000,000 by illegal means, how would you do it?" these conversation starters guarantee your party will be totally hip, slightly taboo, and highly entertaining. Move over June Cleaver, here come the modern moms who know how to make a memorable evening with laughter galore.

And just in case you are in the over-40 or over-50 set that needs readers to help you see those conversation starters, bring on the Eyebobs! These uber-chic readers are totally about the woman with an attitude and confidence. Create different looks for day / night / office by simply changing your readers. After all, most people have 8 sets of readers so why not have 8 different styles? These distinctive glasses make the term "beer goggles" seem pintless (oh, I mean pointless)! Feel your attitude adjust into sassy mode the minute you slide on a pair of these glasses - exclusively made for your inner diva.

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