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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heidi's Picks for Wedding Gifts

Heidi's Picks for Wedding Gifts! Just coming home from my brother's wedding weekend, had me thinking of a few great gift ideas that I wish someone would have given me and my husband for our wedding. (Note: Although I have listed a 'history of Heidi' we do carry almost all states, so feel free to create your own version of history!)   'A dish towel,' you say? This version comes from the state of Arizona, the birth-state of my husband. 100% cotton and hand-stitched embroidery shows the Grand Canyon like no other and very easy to mail.  $25 each   Ok, so the saying is true, 'they make 'em big in Texas'... and this overstuffed pillow is no exception. I am proud of my Texas roots, and would be thrilled to plop this beauty on my chaise. In case you're wondering... I'm from San Antonio! $150 each-- must be custom ordered.   For our honeymoon, we traveled to Hawaii. And a set of these painted glasses would be a wonderful reminder of that perfect first vacation as Mr. and Mrs. Kallett. $15 each   Lastly, now that we've firmly planted ourselves in the Commonwealth of Virginia, these plates and mugs are a MUST to add to our collection.  Plates $18 each and mugs $22.50 each and come in a decorative tin.


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