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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Patch Pals & Vera Bradley!

On June 30th at our Reston location from 5-6pm, our Patch Pals group will:

· Learn about how Vera Bradley got started ·

· See the newest line and learn about the new styles and patterns ·

· Vote on the favorite pattern of the season ·

· Bring in your "vintage" Vera Bradley pieces and the person with the oldest pattern will receive a special Vera prize! ·

· All Patch Pal attendees will receive a free Vera goody! ·

· Shop for Vera with a special members-only 15% discount for that night only*·

* exclusions apply

* * * * *

In order to attend this very special Vera Bradley night, kids must be a member of Patch Pals and must RSVP


  • At June 8, 2011 at 6:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    passing on a review I read on
    What we were promised and what we got were LIGHTYEARS DIFFERENT! WE WERE LIED TO CONSISTENTLY! NEVER NEVER NEVER work with them on a custom for a wedding. They said that their own graphic designer would be good and would work with their printer...NOT!!!!! They took excessive time and then simply sent us a graphic that we found on line. After that, we found another graphic and they customized it and they assured us that it would print up perfectly....NOT! The pixels on the invitation were awful! And because of their delays we could do nothing about it. The print shop located in another state recognized that the graphic was a problem but there was not communication. And the worst of all is that payment was required when we first met with them..... over $1400 for 100 invitations! The invitations were delivered 42 days later! In addition, they did not have a feel for the proper timing of when a destination wedding invitation should be sent out. We contacted them after to request some sort of refund and they would not give us a penny! NEVER AGAIN DANDELION PATCH!


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