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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Your Wedding Invitation: Trend or Trash - Part 2

In my blog yesterday, I wrote about some of the latest trends in wedding invitations. We talked about adding color to break up the traditionally white wedding stereotypes. You have channeled your inner Carrie Bradshaw and have found a way to create new trends through the use of fabric flowers, or through textures such as tweed or wood.

We learned that the outside package, the envelope, is just as important as the item inside. Monograms remain a perennial favorite for invitations.

And finally, we learned that it is very easy to "be green" when it comes to invitations through the use of 100% tree-free materials.

So, we've learned what is hot and what is trendy. Now, let's talk about what's not!

Splurge on stamps. Do not (I repeat, do not) send wedding Evites or a mass email invitation. No matter how much time, money or trees it may save, if you plan on inviting the office, do not post a general, "come-one, come-all" invite on the coffee room bulletin board . . . cuz you know the Dwight Schroot of your office WILL attend. And one thing: no photocopying invites. That's just icky and tacky.

Skip the cutesy prose, cheesy photoshopping and saccharine theme. I know, I know. You're in love. But, those things worked in grammar school when you were fleshing out the details of your wedding to one of the Backstreet Boys, but not now.

Stay true to your personalities and relationship. Now's not the time to go all "Three Faces of Eve" on your invitation. If you're quirky and loud, you'll leave the guests scratching their heads if your invitation is lace and roses. Conversely, don't go biker gang on your stationary if you're more of a prepster!

Stifle the urge to unleash Bridezilla. We all know one. You don't want to be her. So don't use your invitations to tell guests which gifts you want or that you'd really like them to underwrite your honeymoon trip to Fiji (it is NEVER appropriate to include registry info in a wedding invitation). Never, and I mean never ask them to kick in for the prime rib reception meal or watered down drinks from the cash only bar either. Remember, this day is about a marriage, not the wedding. So don't scream at your vendors / neighbors / friends for not remembering your exact shade of azure blue.

So, there you have it! Just remember that we at The Dandelion Patch are there to help make your day very special. You make a wish, and we'll help make it come true.

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