The Dandelion Patch

Friday, September 10, 2010

Where in the world is "the Patch?" - Outtakes!

Although our summer contest has ended, we just received a few pictures of The Dandelion Patch gift bag on vacation! Our first picture is from Christine who took the 'Patch' on a visit to Miami.

The picture above comes from Elizabeth at a birthday celebration with her gal pals Sheryl and Carolyn. According to Elizabeth, "Each year, the dinner must include only three things: the same three girls, a giant lobster dinner, and birthday gifts from The Dandelion Patch."

And this picture comes from Jamie, who was in the Bahamas with his friends for his bachelor party! It seems that the 'Patch' gift bag really enjoyed the clear water, cool ocean breeze and several Bahama Mamas!

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