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Monday, July 12, 2010

The votes are in! Gabby, Gardening and Giving are Heidi's picks for this week

Well, hello Dahlia! If you haven't heard yet, it's true! The fall collection for Vera Bradley has hit the shelves (as of July 8th). With much fanfare, the marketing genius of the Vera folks had us waiting (some not so patiently!) to see what the "Be Colorful" campaign was all about. And now that we've had these beautiful patterns for a weekend, and the votes have been tallied, we can tell you that the Hello Dahlia is our customers best vote getter. Specifically, this super cute purse called "Gabby" drew all the attention. What do you think? Based on the strong sales thus far, I think this happy handbag is a perfect gift for any mom, grandmother or special friend.

Need a little summer gardening lesson for your "kiddos?" Check out these grow-a-head pets. My kids just had to have these a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit that I thought they'd die within days. But no! These furry marine creatures have sprouted green "hair" that needs to be trimmed regularly. They are absolutely adorable and my daughter loves to pretend to be the hairdresser for "Larry the Lobster" and "Priscilla the Penguin." I think she may be ready for beauty school . . . oh, but she's only 8! Grab your own fun this summer and choose your furry friend. Remember, gratuity not included!

These frosty glasses from Cat Studio have such a strong following that many people have entire collections. Some friends collect the glasses from the states they've traveled, to those they want to travel to. Others collect the glasses in places they've lived (and given the huge military population around the DC area, this could be many!). As a unique twist, I love to give these glasses to college grads as they begin their careers (the state of their first job) or high-school grads headed off to college (the state of their university). I am sure that there must be a hundred different ideas on how these hand-drawn maps - that happen to be printed on a frosted glass - can be used as inexpensive, yet personal gifts. How would you give this gift?

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