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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time to "Summerize"

When winter approaches, we "winterize" our homes, our cars, and our wardrobes. With temperatures in the 90's, why not "summerize?" Summer isn't merely a season, it's an "attitude!"

First, you have to look the part. Put on your best brightly colored prints, and switch into a comfortable but stylish pair of Switchflops. Pick out your favorite type of sole - flat, wedge, or kitten heal (how about all 3!) and you can build a wardrobe of interchangeable straps and snaps to show off your pedicure every day of the week. Speaking of days of the week, you might want to hang the "How to Live in Flip-Flops" calendar nearby with inspirational cartoons reminding you how to live life in the "slow" lane.

Next, grab a fun tote - anything Vera Bradley if you are just headed to town. But, if you are headed to the beach, how about one of our oversized Scout Bags? They are perfect for holding several beach towels. Perhaps a monogrammed and eco-friendly Queen Bea oversized straw handbag is more your style? Don't forget to slip in some fun summer reading like, "How to Live at the Beach" by Sandy Gingras.

With summer beating down on your, increasing your fluid intake is vital. Rehydrating can look so much more fashionable when you use Lilly Pulitzer tumblers, or if you want to sip away slowly and keep things cold, the Lilly Pulitzer thermal mug. What you drink in them is entirely up to you!

Don't forget the kids! (As if!) Sunny Patch Kids has tons of fun summer items for them including cute flip flops for sunny days and boots for rainy days. Adorable sprinklers for cooling off on hot days, magnifying glasses for summertime exploration, their own tote bag for going to the beach or pool, and a sand ice cream set for imaginative play at the beach or backyard sand box.

And finally, if your summer is all work and no play, you can cop an attitude - Vera Bradley has spunky lanyards that will hold your work badge in a professional way, but will let you still feel like you've "summerized."

Take a break from the heat by stepping into one of our air-conditioned stores and find your summer attitude.

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