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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Save the Date - The RIght Way!

Some of our favorite customers at The Dandelion Patch are newly engaged brides-to-be. We enjoy being part of this very special moment in a couple's life together.

To make sure you are surrounded by loved ones on your special day, consider sending a Save-the-Date announcement. This wedding "trend" is here to stay, although the format keeps changing almost as often as bridesmaid's dress styles. A Save-the-Date announcement is an advance notice of the wedding date and location so your guests - who may be all over the country or even the world - can reserve your wedding day on their busy schedules, and if necessary, make travel plans. Even if your friends are close by, at the very least during a busy wedding season, it ensures that your wedding gets on their books first!

Wedding planning is fraught with many etiquette pitfalls, and the Save-the-Date is your critical first step. As it is the very first impression your guests will receive of your wedding, you want to make sure it makes a good one! When they talk about your wedding, we all want it to be for the right reasons!

So, what are some of the things to keep in mind when sending a Save-the-Date announcement?

First, distinguish the Save-the-Date announcement from the actual invitation by including a line such as "formal invitation to follow." Although you may not have your entire wedding planned yet, do try to make the Save-the-Date in the same style or tone of the wedding you have in mind. In other words, don't send out a casual Save-the-Date for a formal wedding and vice versa. Think of this as a trailer to a movie - something to get guests excited about the big day. You don't want to send out a MacGruber style Save-the-Date if you are planning a Casablanca wedding.

Do send out the Save-the-Date as soon as you have the pertinent details (date and location) but make sure you only send them to people you are certain you will invite to your wedding. Not all of your wedding guests need to receive a Save-the-Date, but everyone who receives one must be invited to the wedding! You don't want Aunt Edith, sitting at home, clutching her announcement and wondering when that "formal invitation to follow" is going to arrive. Nor do you want unexpected guests at the reception because they got put on the "B-list" when your guest list got too large, but you had forgotten you had sent them a Save-the-Date!

Be sure to include your names, the date, and the geographic location (city / state or city / country) of the wedding and anything else your guests may need to know in order to reserve the time on their calendars. Last names are key as well, because as precious as you are, just remember, you may not be the only "Mike and Jen" in their lives!

What should your Save-the-Date announcement look like? There are all kinds of creative options. Magnets are falling out of favor as they are not recyclable and they don't stick to many of today's luxury stainless steel fridges. Instead, we are seeing cards that incorporate the heritage and personality of the couple through photos, artwork, sketches of the wedding location and more. They can range from simple cards to bookmarks or small booklets. There are as many variations as there are brides and grooms.

Come to The Dandelion Patch and tell us about your engagement story. Let us look at your sparkly new ring, and we'll be happy to help you choose your Save-the-Date announcement.

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