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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heidi's Picks for June 2d

For the "wee" one:

I'll admit it. I had Eric Carle books when I was a kid. And no, that doesn't make me 100 years old! Eric Carle is celebrating the 40th anniverary of his famous Hungry Caterpillar book this year (you can do the math). Because of this momentous milestone, and the many fun memories from my childhood, I love to combine this old fave with a developmental toy that allows the characters to "leap" off the page and onto let's say . . . a stroller or a car seat. And what's better than a baby playing quietly? That's easy to answer . . . a happy mommy!
For the lovers of luxury:

For sure, these carved soaps are the best gift to give any hostess. These Vermont-made beauties are hypo-allergenic so even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the pampering properties of these custom-designed bars. Choose a color a monogram or a family name. Give yourself a week (yes, I said a week!) and watch the smiles appear when you give Oprah's favorite to your most discerning friends and neighbors. Add a personalized hand towel for extra elegance (and not a ton of extra cash!)

For the 8 - 10 year old:
Every year when my son celebrates his birthday, he inevitably receives at least one gift that keeps him interested and entertained for weeks. This year, he opened several Green Science Kits that were by far the hit of the season. From robots made of tin cans, learning about electricity through a potato spud, to creating renewable energy through a plastic bottle and making a windmill; I was shocked at how engaging these experiments are for the 8 - 10 year old set (and how much I had forgotten from science classes of the past!). And get this - NO BATTERIES REQUIRED!

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