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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heidi's Picks for Father's Day

Since Father's Day is right around the corner, I thought I would focus this week's entry on gifts for the men in your life - especially those who seemingly have everything.

If your Dad is FAN-atical about college sports (or maybe just crazy about his alma mater), I have the perfect gift for you! These ceramic veggie platters are FAN-tastic! With slogans and mascots, logos and stadiums, these university serving pieces are a walk down memory lane as well as a work of art. Luckily, most of the big schools are covered. So, if you are looking for schools in the SEC, ACC, or the Big 10, buy this gift and be prepared to start singing his fight song! And if you happen to be from the Big 12 like me (don't mess with Texas), you may need to include a big hat and belt buckle to match!

If you are like me, you believe that life is better with humor. And this concept is not lost on those from Life is Crap! They say (and I quote), "While the glass may be half full . . . sometimes it's half full of crap!" Poking a little fun at ourselves and at those we love is the best way to say Happy Father's Day! From silly to outragous, these shirts have a slogan for every man in your life because laughter really is the best medicine (even if you've lost your cell phone in the toilet, had your BBQ peed on by your dog, or hit your 15th ball into the rough!) . . . for those who are not eternal optimists, life is crap may be your anthem!

For the ultimate in personalization, try this BBQ branding iron. From steaks and chicken to tofu and burgers, Dad can say what me means - branding directly onto the food! As my family brainstormed how we'd use this cool tool ("Happy 4th!" or "Burnt by Dad!") we have already booked a festive red, white and BBQ party with our friends (red wine, white wine and BBQ). Even if Dad isn't the "grill god," he'll love putting his lasting mark (and conversation starter) on any party with this unique gift. Not: this is NOT a do-it-yourself tattoo kit!

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