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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heidi's Picks

Every week, I make special gift suggestions for I Am Modern Magazine. I hope you enjoy my picks for this week!

For a co-worker, teacher, someone in the hospital or simply someone who needs a smile:

These darling flowers don't just dance from side-to-side, they bring good cheer to anyone who watches them. I have on sitting on my desk as I write this and the rythmic swaying is quietly relaxing (thank goodness!). However, the best news is that they operate sunny-side up (solar-powered), are allergy-free (contain no pollen), and require no watering! Don't worry, bee happy with these adorable dancing flowers!

For me!

I have never met anyone who enjoys doing the dishes and I am no exception. But, with this brightly-colored flower brush dish, I can convince my kids to "help me out" with this chore! Talk about Flower Power! Ahh, so smart for me, so fun for the young ones! It even looks pretty sitting on your kitchen counter and doesn't collect germs like your weathered sponge.
For the wee ones:
As the days get warmer, and your grass begins to need a little extra water, try this "sprinkler" on for size. This blossom bright sprinkler toy has a dozen little flowers that move with the water and guarantee to soak any bystander. Perfect for a warm (and wet!) day, this toy will make a big splash as a kid's birthday gift or a sanity gift for any parent needing a summer activity for their offspring. Just hook it up to any water hose, turn on the faucet and listen to the favorite noise of the season - the squeals of delight from children of all ages. (WARNING! This toy may bring every child from within a 2-mile radius to your yard. Make lemonada accordingly).

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