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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Heidi's Picks for the Week!

Each week, I make special gift suggestions for I Am Modern Magazine. I hope you enjoy my picks for this week!

For the hostess:

This weekend as I came home from spring break, I was scared that I might have missed my favorite time of year in DC - the time of the cherry blossoms. As if to thank me for returning, the delicate white flowers celebrated my arrival along the roads home. Because of my fondness of the icon, my all-time favorite hostess gift is a Mariposa napkin box with the cherry blossom napkin with the small bird weight. These napkin boxes are a simple, yet beautiful way to display Caspari cocktail napkins for every party and for every season.

For the "tween" gal:

I can't believe my little girl is one small foot away from growing into an official "tween." Gone are the princess tea parties and the Barbie dolls. Hello to Hannah Montana and Selena Gomez! So, when I am looking for a perfect gift for any of her gal pals, I have gotten the "approval" from her that these mini spa wraps from Three Cheers are "cool" enough to give to her friends. Getting the perfect gift for a tween = $34.50. Becoming a "rock star" gift giver in the eyes of your daughter = priceless!

For the little one:
I must admit that I am somewhat of a sleep-nazi when it comes to my kids sleep. Anything that makes them ease into slumber is a winner in my book. These Twilight Turtles are part night-light, part education on endangered seal animals, part constellatio tutor. With a 45-minute auto shut-off, these turtles display the night sky and its' starry glory onto the ceiling giving your child a soothing educational display to look at while he's winding down for the night. Not into Nemo's friend, Crush (the turtle)? Not to fret. These award-winning nightlights also come in a ladybug design so she'll be snug as a bug until morning.


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