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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heidi's Picks for the Week of April 27th!

Like mother, like daughter . . .

In the days preceeding Mother's Day, some of us are awash with guilt about purchasing the PERFECT gift for our own mothers. Now that we share the same title with our own kiddos, we know the importance of acknowledging the ONE day dedicated to being an official nose-wiper, generous hugger, consummate cheerleader and general craft-queen. Thus, we are determined to find that extra-special something to say "thanks for being my mom," and hope that our offspring will follow suit. Well lucky for me, this year I hit pay-dirt as I stumbled across Trollbeads. These beads have it all -- part charm bracelet (circa 2010), part unique artisan culture (each irresistable bead is individually crafted by hand), and part personal love story (each interchangeable charm has a story). Trust me when I say these are MAGIC beads that will leave every mother spellbound for years to come. (Now, can someone make sure to share this post with my kids!)

If wit and a bit of humor is more your speed, then add this "been there, done that" book to your Mother's Day bundle. With chapters titled "The Fake Cupcake Problem," and "Oh my god, I don't want to color right now," this self-help guide will share the secrets of moms across the country (but of course, not mine!). With the goal of diagnosing the craziness and offering practical solutions to the madness called motherhood, I am convinced that the authors must have put video cameras in my home to witness my life and decided that it was funny enough to print. Thank god they changed the names to protect my privacy! (Just kidding, dearest family!). In any case, "I was a Good Mom Before I Had Kids" is sure to hit a chord or two with every mom this season. If not, then they are probably not "Modern Moms," are they?

For that end of day "happy hour," what mother doesn't need a Lilly Pulitzer cocktail shaker in either "Juice Bar" or "Shaken Up" patterns. I must admit that ever since Sex and the City introduced me to a fabulous liquid concoction called the Cosmopolitan, I have been enamored with cocktail shakers. With their perfectly preppy color palette, Lilly Pulitzer has made the "Lilly-things" count this time. Add a bottle of her favorite vodka, a coupon for a Girls-Night-Out baby sitter, and you will have one happy, hot momma! Who's in?


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