The Dandelion Patch

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Make room for Mariposa!

At this time of year, we're eagerly looking forward to spring and summer. We can't wait to embrace these warmer seasons of welcome - a world of garden parties, tall ships, and tropical seas… of gleaming days and glowing nights of entertaining.

Have you seen what's new at The Patch recently? We've expanded our most popular Mariposa line so that we have that perfect "something" for all of your hostess needs. From tennis racquets to graduation hats, Mariposa's spring collection is fun yet elegant.

So you're not familiar with our Mariposa line? Well, it's not the chic hotel on the mountains of Costa Rica, nor is it the famous restaraunt in Deer Valley or even the city in California...

...Mariposa is frankly our absolute favorite gift to give! Since 1980, these beautiful and functional collections of handcrafted aluminum napkin boxes serve as affordable art for any occasion! At $44, one is never enough...


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