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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Confessions of a Customer

In keeping with our wedding-related blog theme for the week, I was lucky enough to have one of our satisfied customers, Nkeisha Dumas send a glowing testimonial to me about her recent experiences at The Patch. Now, we get these kinds of emails and phone calls frequently, but since she is sooo lovely, has been a customer for a few years, and because I have a blog deadline – I asked her if she'd be interested in getting interviewed! Not only did she agree... she said that I could share a picture (or two) of her and her new husband, Mark, in sunny Jamaica!

You can read her responses to my thought-provoking questions below.(ok, they're not thought-provoking, but nonetheless, her answers to my questions are below...)

Thanks, Nkeisha and Mark, for allowing us to be part of your very special day!

nkeisha and mark

nkeisha and mark

1. What is your full name and your new husband's full name? Did you change to a married name? Why or why not?

Nkeisha Smith and Mark Smith. I haven't officially changed to a new name as of yet because I haven't received the marriage certificate yet. Mark and I were married on the island of Jamaica and it takes 6-8 weeks for the certificate to come back. As soon as I receive it, I will make the official change. I like the idea of taking on my husband's name because it represents a further connection that the two of us have and also symbolizes the fact that I am a part of a large, strong family unit.

2. How did you find The Dandelion Patch?

I stopped by the old Vienna location (Mill Street in Vienna) to look for birthday card stock for my young daughter. Then, as I was preparing for the wedding, I saw the advertisements listed in the various local wedding magazines and remembered the store. The two locations in Vienna and Reston made it very convenient.

3. Of all the other options with regard to your wedding stationery, why did you choose The Dandelion Patch?

Service, selection and quality. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The shop itself had a large selection of stationery and was able to address all of my needs, from the save-the-date cards to the invitations and on to the wedding programs. I ordered custom save-the-date cards and wedding invitations. Then, I used the Reston location to print the programs, escort cards and menus. The on-site printing saved us a lot of money and the quality of the stationery was just as good as a larger, more expensive outside vendor.

4. What did you end up choosing as your wedding invitation and how did that reflect your theme or style?

I chose a William Arthur wedding invitation because it reflected the casual feel of our destination wedding. It was simple, but yet elegant.

5. Now that your wedding is complete, what is the best advice that you woud give a bride-to-be regarding her wedding ensemble?

I would suggest that a bride-to-be have an idea of how they want their wedding to feel before buying anything. This is true for any aspect of the wedding, whether it is the stationery, the dress or the wedding favors. If you know how you want to feel on your special day and what you want to convey to your guests, finding the items for your wedding can be easy and fun!

6. What was your favorite part of your Dandelion Patch experience?

My favorite part of the Dandelion Patch experience was working with such a great staff. I trusted their judgment and felt comfortable with the selection of the stationery items. In the end, I was very satsified with all of my purchases.

I also liked to browse the display items in the store :-)

7. In your own words, how would you describe The Dandelion Patch?

It completed the wedding. I was able to satisfy every stationery need (and more) with one stop!


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