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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stationery Trend #3: Good Humor

While I was dashing through the aisles of the Stationery Show, I found myself laughing all the way (ha, ha, ha). I saw some of the most clever and unique novelty products with “girl humor” (and perhaps my name) written all over them. I mean really, who wouldn’t benefit from a little “Bochox” chocolate? From greeting cards that make you smile because someone thinks just like you (!) to conversation styro cups that are sure to get your party talking, a sense of humor is always in good taste.

t-hee greetings cups

The coolest thing about these conversation cups by T-Hee Greetings is that each one in the sleeve of 10 has a different witty saying. Isn’t that way better than those over-used wine rings anyway? They even come in an 80’s version too. While I was engrossed testing my knowledge about Flashdance, Pretty in Pink and Rubik’s Cubes, I was thinking two things: 1) what ever happened to Andrew McCarthy? and 2) are leg warmers ever coming back in fashion?

amy smythe

Amy Smyth has one of the hippest booths in New York. While I love her greeting cards, I love her more because she frequently quips one of my all-time favorite quotes… “write a freakin’ note”. My thoughts exactly.


The folks at Bloomsberry & Co. have one wicked sense of humor. From their “girth control” to their “ultimate balanced diet” of chocolate, you can surprise your girlfriends to a deliciously funny and yummy treat!



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