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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stationery Trend #10: Paper Prose

What happens when you roll up your favorite lines from a bunch of chick flicks and beach reads, a few glasses of wine, a passion for paper and a talented girlfriend? Answer: a darling concept from Verbatem. Hand drawn by Terri Pluma, this line is colorful, personal and funny in a push-the-envelope kind of way.

Verbatem boasts that their Paper Mantra collection is full of quirky diva references sure to get any conversation started. I am confident that they are the only stationery with a uniquely personal biography on the back of every card! Here’s a couple of my personal favorites:



Here’s a picture of me and Terri at her booth at NSS:


Speaking of keeping things personal... when Terri created my bio, she listed:

Heidi Kallett, Shopaholic, Retail Therapist, Stationer Extraordinaire! (She’s such a smart lady…).

Heidi Kallett

Heidi Kallett



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