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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome! Stationery Trend #1: Bolder Folders

Welcome to our blog! For those of you that aren’t familiar with The Dandelion Patch, you can go to the About Us section on our website and learn more about me and my business philosophy. However, this blog is about the things I see weekly that are positively fun, funny and soon-to-be famous. I will post weekly, so check back often as I share my thoughts and opinions about the perfect gifts, today’s etiquette and fabulous designers and trends.


Today I will start by telling you about my recent visit to the National Stationery Show in New York City. It is THE annual pilgrimage for all stationery buyers. This year, I found several goodies and themes that I’d like to highlight so you can be up-to-the-minute on fashionable paper. Just make sure you keep coming back to our blog to learn all of my secrets!

For the New York Stationery Show, I will focus on my Top 10 Stationery Trends.

First, we have what I will call the “BOLDER FOLDERS” and matching clipboards concept. Plain manila folders are definitely out! Think preppy pinks, animal prints and fabric inspired patterns…. They were everywhere, but I must say that the cutest patterns are coming from one of my favorite designers, Whitney English. Stop by the store soon to see for yourself.

Playing on her last name, “English Royalty” was her theme for the show.


Shown here is a quick pic of me donning a borrowed tiara (I left mine at home!) with my blonde buddy, Whitney.


Whitney married David Kolb this year—so she is now the expert in weddings too!



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