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Friday, June 6, 2008

Stationery Trend #5: And oh the places you’ll go!

In stopping by to visit my friend, Sally Sharp from Sharp and Sally, we got to talking about her lovely Asian-inspired stationery this season. I immediately was drawn to Sally's up-to-the-minute spin on traditional Chinese patterns and colors. Sally told me, “I’m loving chinoissere this season.” Well, apparently me too, because I bought enough for all of us!

sharp and sally

These are just a few of the beautiful patterns that will be coming your way!

kit mcdonald

And from Chinese décor and paper, I crossed over into Arkansas with Kit McDonald, the fearless leader of Oddballs. When I asked her about taking pictures for my blog, she quickly laughed, “What a day! Today we had our first customer from Saudi Arabia and now I will be part of my first blog.” Apparently, The National Stationery Show (NSS) really IS a global experience! Kit is a true stationery icon and deserves several loyalty points: she’s been an exhibitor at the NSS since 1993!

oddballs wall

Her beautiful water colored invitations are so charming that anyone would want to plan a party just to use her designs. These are a few previews of the gorgeous holiday invitations she creates (and I buy!).



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